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Kent Garage Door Emergency Service

Garage door emergencies can arise at anytime, that’s why our Kent Garage Door Emergency Service technicians are available 24/7. Anytime a spring breaks, your garage door gets stuck open, or a cable snaps, call us! Kent Garage Door Repair service strive to provide fast response times, low prices and extended warranties with every Kent garage door emergency service.

Our Technicians Are Fully Mobile & Can Repair Or Replace Any Part On The Spot, Including:

Broken springs lopsided door
Off track cables
Broken garage door opener damaged safety sensor
Bent tracks
Bent or broken wheels
Panel replacement
Old garage door sealing

With so many parts to a garage door system, it is inevitable that something will eventually go wrong. Even the smallest part can cause the system to stop working properly, so our expert technicians are highly trained to find and repair anything that might cause your garage system to stop working. Kent Garage Door Emergency Service understand that emergencies can arise at anytime, so call us anytime, day or night! We never charge extra for nights or weekends because your safety and security is our number one priority.

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There are many reasons a garage door might get stuck open, such as a bent track, broken opener, damaged safety sensor, and more. Stuck garage doors are not only a hassle, they are a huge security risk. Leaving your garage door open can allow anyone into your garage and possibly your home. Don’t become a victim of home invasion, call us! Broken springs are also considered an emergency.

Our Team

Our Kent Garage Door Emergency Service team can repair and replace any brand of garage door spring, whether it is a torsion or extension. Broken springs should only be handled by a trained professional to avoid creating even more damage or causing injury to yourself. All of our services come with an extended warranty and we’re here 24/7 for all of your Kent garage door emergency service needs. Call us now for service!

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