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Kent Garage Door Maintenance Services

Kent Garage Door Maintenance Services is available to help you maintain the life of your garage system. Routine maintenance is extremely important for the safety and security of your garage and should be performed at least once a year to avoid expensive damages to your home. Routine maintenance includes checking the following: garage door opener, door balance, springs, rollers, cables, astragal, shafts, strut/truss rod, hinges, brackets, tracks, hinge arms, spring anchors, limit switch, safety reverse, weather seal and remotes.

25 Point Inspection Of The Parts

These parts are being used every time you open or close your garage door. Because garages are usually used everyday, it is vital to the health of your system to check these on a regular basis. Our Kent Garage Door Maintenance Services technicians can perform a 25 point inspection on these parts to ensure they’re in proper working order, and we can replace/repair one or all of these parts and more directly on the spot.


Extended Warranty

Our 25 point inspection is covered by an extended warranty to give you the peace of mind knowing your garage is in good order. Kent Garage Door Repair installers – licensed, insured and bonded and we constantly train our Kent Garage Door Maintenance Services technicians on updated techniques and procedures to provide safe, reliable service you can count on.

We Are Available 24/7

Kent Garage Door Maintenance Services are available 24/7 to repair or replace any part you need, and our company is dedicated to educating all of our customers on the importance of routine maintenance. We can show you the proper ways of keeping these parts in good working order. Routine maintenance not only ensures the security/safety of your home, it can also save you time and money from future damages.

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