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Kent Garage Door Spring Repair – On The Spot

Kent garage door spring repair service can repair or replace any type of spring on the spot. Garage door springs can be very dangerous and need a qualified professional service to avoid damage to your home or natives injuring. Every year, thousands of people are injured and killed in garage door related accidents, with 75% of these being because of handling the springs wrong. Our Kent Garage Door Repair technicians are expertly trained to provide you with safe, reliable garage door spring repair service that you can be 100% satisfied with.

Garage Door Springs Come In Two Types

Garage door springs come in two types: extension and torsion. Extension springs are generally located to either side of the door, and are the most commonly used spring in residential homes. A system typically has two extension springs, one on either side, that allow the door to be open and closed properly. Torsion springs are more common in commercial garages, though sometimes a residential system may use one.


Torsion Springs

If so, the torsion spring will be located above the door. Torsion springs are considered to be a smoother, quieter spring compared to an extension, and generally only requires one spring instead of two.

We Can Install, Repair & Replace Any Garage Door Spring

Whichever type of spring you have, Kent Garage Door Spring Repair got you covered. We can install, repair and replace any garage door spring anytime, day or night. Garage door spring maintenance is essential to creating a safe, proper garage door system. Kent Garage Door Spring Repair service can repair or replace even garage door rollers, adjust your current springs to make them work even better, or provide with a 25 point inspection on your springs, rollers and cables to ensure they are still in a good condition.

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